Michael J. “Boz” Kerr

9-24-1949 – 4/20/2009

APRIL 24, 2009 4:00PM – 9:00 OR LATER AS NEEDED

Pietryka Funeral Home

5734 W Diversey Ave Chicago, IL 60639 (773) 889-0115

Godspeed brother, you will be missed

It is with deep sadness and a heavy heart that I put this letter out to you all, our good friend and Major player in the fight for our freedoms has passed away. Michael  J. “Boz” Kerr passed away on early Monday morning. Boz and I have been members of the Chicago Chapter it seems since birth, I know I have a lot of great memories and I’m sure you all do too. Michael was not sick and in fact was just appointed back on the Chicago Chapter Board of directors as the alternate state board rep at our meeting on the 15th. We talked about everything under the sun that night and when I asked if he was crazy coming back on he just gave that sneaky smile and quick laugh and said “ I might as well fill up all my free time, and here’s just as good as any place else”  He said he would be going to the June BOD meeting and I planned on going along for the ride with him. I guess that’s not happening. Michael served the Chicago Chapter as President in 1997 & 1998 he also served on the board in many positions and received the highest award the Chicago chapter has, the Dave “Dogkiller” White award. Last year I was honored to nominate him for the Rich Neb award and was too sick to come from my room to see him receive it but I was told that he was speechless for once. He came to the chapter meeting afterwards and was too choked up to even say anything but I knew what he was trying to say. After a few beers and addressing the chapter we at the bar and talked. He is survived by his wife, companion and good friend Eva Kerr see ya at the next meeting my friend is how we always ended it. We will be planning a memorial service sometime in the near future and will also be dedication the Dogkiller Run in his honor this Sunday.

Kerr 1

Patrick J. Jones

President, Chicago A.B.A.T.E.

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On Monday, April 20. 2009 the motorcycling world lost a true friend and brother.

Michael J. “BOZ” Kerr Past President of Chicago ABATE and the current Vice President of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation passed away in his sleep.

If Dave White is the father of Chicago ABATE  Mike was the “Godfather” of ABATE everyone seeking his opinion, guidance and wisdom  While other people beat their chests and look to attain personal glory, saying look at me, look at what I did.  BOZ only cared about motorcycles and riding them and making sure everyone else could enjoy riding their motorcycle.

When the ABATE Fed Pac needed help they asked Mike Kerr to straighten it out. When the MRF Fed Pac needed help they asked Mike Kerr to straighten it out.  When Karen Bolin passed away and Kirk Hardtail Willard became President of the MRF he asked BOZ to be Vice President.  Boz never asked for a position never volunteered for a position He was drafted.

It wasn’t only the MRF that used and abused him.  The Chicago Chapter at our meeting on Wednesday April 15, appointed him as the Alternate State Board Rep. Which he happily accepted.

He was a friend and a mentor, someone whose advice I valued and will sorely miss.  If it weren’t for Mike I wouldn’t have been the State Legislative Coordinator.  I didn’t want the job but by his example you have to do what is best for motorcycling.

I talked with him Sunday at about 4:30 p.m. He had just gotten back from Maryland where he had attended the MRF’s Beast of the East conference.  We talked about what had happened at the ABATE state board meeting. And I informed that a friend of ours Little John had passed away.  Less then twelve hours latter BOZ was gone.

Goodbye buddy we will miss you.

Dan Harper Vice president Chicago Chapter

Motorcycle Riders Foundation Vice President Michael “Boz” Kerr Passes Away   Early this morning we received the most sad and unfortunate news that  Michael “Boz” Kerr passed away peacefully in his sleep overnight. He had just returned from a very successful Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF)  Beast of the East Motorcycle Rights Conference. At the time of his  passing “Boz” was the current Vice President of the MRF and Chairman of  the Legislative Committee. Prior to his being elected Vice President he  served as an MRF Board Member in the capacity of MRF PAC Chairman. “Boz”  was instrumental in setting up the stand alone MRF Awareness and Education  Organization (MRFA&E) and was the driving force behind the upcoming  National Motorcycle Awareness day in Washington D.C., known as “Bikers  Inside the Beltway”.   “Boz” was also a past President of the Chicago Chapter of ABATE of  Illinois and recently retired as Chairman of ABATE of Illinois FEDPAC. In the past year he was awarded the MRF Presidents Cup of Distinction and  ABATE of Illinois’ highest honor, the Rich Neb Award.   “Boz” was the finest political operative I have ever had the privilege to  work with and his concern and passion for motorcycle rights and his genuineness will be greatly missed by the MRF and the entire motorcycling  rights community. We have certainly lost one of the great ones in our movement. Words cannot express the amount of sadness and the profound  impact that losing another one of our own will have. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to his wife and family, his ABATE family, and his MRF  family”, said MRF President Kirk “Hardtail” Willard.   “Boz” was well known for his speeches, such as the “Greatest Generation”,  “Mr. Jones”, and most recently “Making Thunderbirds; long, low, lean, and  fast”. Godspeed brother, you will be missed.

Kirk “Hardtail” Willard, MRF President

Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep. I am in a thousand winds that blow, I am the softly falling snow. I am the gentle showers of rain, I am the fields of ripening grain. I am in the morning hush, I am in the graceful rush Of beautiful birds in circling flight, I am the starshine of the night. I am in the flowers that bloom, I am in a quiet room. I am in the birds that sing, I am in each lovely thing. Do not stand at my grave and cry, I am not there. I do not die.
You will be missed Boz.

Debbe & John

April 20, 2009

Early this morning we lost a great friend and fellow ABATE member, Michael “Boz” Kerr. “Boz” has held many offices in the Chicago Chapter as the past president and Board Representative, just to name a few, past Chairman of the ABATE of IL FedPac, lastly as an outgoing FedPac trustee.

“Boz” was also the Vice-President of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation, also the past chairman of the MRFPAC.

“Boz” believed in motorcyclists across the states, he also loved the “Talking Heads” on Sunday he was a walking encyclopedia with mounds of information and sayings from past history.

May your thought and prayers go to the family and extended family of Michael “Boz” Kerr in this time of grief.


May he forever ride the skies and ever watch below

We have received notice that Michael “Boz” Kerr of Chicago chapter  passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.  Boz was a faithful freedom fighter for ABATE of Illinois, and more recently for the MRF for many many years and was a good friend to all who knew him.

Jean Hogan

ondgo for Abate of Illinois

My heartfelt condolences go out to all for the passing of Boz.

Thank you.
Rodney L. Comer
ABATE of Montana
State Treasurer

Boz, Rest in peace and give Jack hell ….
Suzanne Arundale DuKane Chapter (now in Rhode Island)

I attended the MRF’s BEAST of the East conference over the weekend in Delaware.  While I was there, I was fortunate to spend some time with my dear friend Boz.  I hugged him goodbye before he left and we told each other that we would see each other soon.  I am so glad I got to spend some time with him.

As he was giving a presentation on Saturday morning to the conference attendees regarding the effects on the motorcyclists’ rights movement of the change of power in the U.S. government following the last election, a “newbee” who was sitting next to me leaned over and whispered to me, “Wow, this guy is really good.”  I replied to him, “That man standing up there knows more about the American political system, Political Action Committees, Federal Election Committee regulations, and just about any other aspect of American Government you can think of, than anyone else in the motorcyclists’ rights community in this country.”

This is a major loss not only to those of us who were fortunate to call him our friend, but to our movement as a whole.  Rest in peace, Boz, my dear friend . . . and give Karen Bolin, Buck Kittredge, Sidecar Jack, and everyone else we know and love a big hug for me!

Teri Stobbs Ricci Framingham, MA Former MRF Board Member Former ABATE of Illinois Lots of Things MMA of Massachusetts

On behalf of the Connecticut Motorcycle Riders Association and the many Connecticut members of the Motorcycle Riders Foundation I wish to extend my deepest sympathy on the loss of Mike “Boz” Kerr.  Seven of us spent the final weekend with “Boz” at the Beast of the East and as always he proved himself to be a wealth of knowledge that he brought forward with great humor.  We have lost a great freedom fighter but at the same time we are all stronger for having known him.

“Boz” you are an inspiration to all of us.

Ride Free Brother; You Earned It. Ronald Troia MRF Connecticut State Rep CMRA Area Rep

I BEEN A MEMEBER of ABATE for over 10 years , and man that always made me fill welcome was ” BOZ ” am a Christian biker and we should realy know what to say in a Lost of a brother biker , was a the ABATE meeting last week and BOZ was there like always talking  and teaching and working his best just  teachering us about the laws and our rights as a biker . One brother who never a anything bad to say about another group or club.He is going to be missed by me and many who ride the streets of Chicago , My prayers go out to his family , BOZ  bless you for being the brother you were open up many door’s for us ….

Jesus is standing at the door with open arms
Agustin ” Augie ” Rodrigiuez Christ for life c/m/m

I have been a little reluctant about commenting on the passing of my friend Boz Kerr. But here goes:

Boz and I were kindred spirits. Both political animals. We would always do the usual handshake, then get down to the real business of politics. While we shared a similar love of politics, I could only wish I was as smart as he. I have been politically involved since before I was old enough to vote. I have known many political operatives and lobbyists. None could compare to Boz. His sincerity and honesty will be greatly missed.

Godspeed friend,

Mack Backlund Asst Rep Minnesota

It is with deep regret hearing the news of “BOZ”.  The state of Washington is sending their condolences to the Kerr family as well as to Michael’s extended MRF family.    Michael Campbell ABATE of Washington Ambassador at Large Washington State MRF co-rep   Jay Jackson ABATE of Washington Clark County Freedom Riders Coordinator Washington State MRF co-rep   Glenyce Jackson Clark County Freedom Riders Secretary Washington State MRF assistant

I made a concerted effort to seek Boz out and get to know him.  He interested me in that he was so smart, so watchful, yet seemingly different from anyone I’d ever met.  I like to watch people too, their body language tells a lot.  I saw him watching.  Over time he became very important to me.  When I needed someone to tell me straight about something – – I called Boz.  When I needed someone to help me rein in my anger or fears/worries, I called Boz.  He was quiet and oh so humble, yet quick to jump up and stand up for what he felt was right.  God help you if you pissed him off.

Eva is always so gracious about the long hours, the telephone calls… about the conversations that would interrupt dinner, interrupt their quiet time they carved out at conventions.  I’m so grateful for Eva, for her easy sharing of her husband’s time.  In this movement, it seems to be either one way or the other and with the Kerrs, they seemed to back each other 100%.

Boz served the MRF board in ways no one will ever be able to truly encompass.  He was quite simply Jeff Hennie’s strongest ally and sounding board.  To the rest of the MRF board, he was the touchstone.  The glue.  The voice of reason and the backbone in hard times.

I watched Boz become a truly great public speaker able to motivate and enrapture his listeners.  This past weekend at Beast of the East I could literally see light bulbs come on when he talked about the shift in the balance of power in our U.S. Congress and how important it is for the southern states to prepare to wield more of that power for the good of the Biker Nation.  I listened to people from all over talk about “Bikers in the Beltway” – – Boz’s dream, encouraged by good friends and smart thinking….  Since his death I have had folks tell me they are going to ramp up their efforts to make it a real tribute to Boz’s memory.

Saturday evening Boz and I shared our synopsis of the weekend’s event and he was so pleased.  I am so glad I told him the good things I was hearing folks say about him, or about what he was doing, or saying.  I told him the faces in his audience reflected that he was right on target.  I was rewarded with that slight blush, a ducking of his head, a glance back up at me from the corner of his eyes, and a soft “thank you”.

I will miss him forever.  I will miss his hugs and his advice, but most of all, I will miss the friend that he came to be.  Soon I hope to be able to quit crying and do more of what I was always advising him to do – – “go – – ride – – breathe – – remember why…. ”

Soon, Boz, we will follow the prophetic words of your beloved Bob Dylan… but give us a modicum of time, dear.

Well, I ain’t a-gonna grieve no more, no more Ain’t a-gonna grieve no more, no more Ain’t a-gonna grieve no more, no more And ain’t a-gonna grieve no more.

Come on brother, join the band, Come on sisters, clap your hands, Tell everybody that’s in the land, You ain’t a-gonna grieve no more.

Godspeed my dearest friend.

~ Cindy “Fre” Hodges

Boz was an honorable man.

Always a fantastic person to discuss motorcycles, politics and freedom fighting.

Heartfelt Condolences to all who love, respect and admire him.

On behalf of the entire CMT/ABATE organization

Carol Simpson Nolensville, TN CMT/ABATE PR-Communications Director MRF member, former board member, assistant rep, and former employee

This from an ABATE of Chicago member for 20 years. I only talked with Boz three times but he was a wealth of information. May he ride in glory forever.
Dave Cazel for the Idaho MRF.

Wow! I knew of Boz and heard his name mentioned constantly as an ABATE member of Chicago for 20 years. It was folks like him that made Illinois ABATE the huge success it has always been, and still is.I didn’t know he started MRF! Doesn’t surprise me though. I only hope we can continue to learn from great men like him and carry on his dreams and ambitions…

One word describes Michael “Boz” Kerr – INSPIRATION!
I first met Boz up in northern IL @ a campout. He told me then what ABATE meant to him. That was about 21 years ago. I had been a member in CA & FL before joining IL ABATE. That was the first time we sat for hours discussing politics, safety & education.
I joined the ranks of Toys For Tots & after our meetings we again would discuss, more like debate life & politics .
Boz was a great part of inspiration in my work today. We sat & discussed many laws including those in healthcare. He inspired me to investigate healthcare fraud.
When life turned into lemons he made me lemonade.
We had kept in touch since I left Chicago. He could always cheer me up & god how he would make me laugh!
And ALWAYS he spoke of his love for his wife, Eva.
Boz you may not have been blood, but you have always been my brother.
May your spirit ride free on the forever highway.

“Rebel” Ruthi Limper, RN, BSN, RLNC MSAP of Greater IL Research Legal Nurse Consultant

It was with heavy heart that I heard of the passing of Boz. Eva, my heart goes out to you in this time of sorrow. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Michael at a MRF, Meeting of the Minds in Madison, WI in the late 90’s. We had talked afterwards on periodic occasions and I always made a point to seek him out whenever the Alaska Delegation made its presense known at other MOTM’s. Michael was an inspiration to all who knew and met him. His presence will be sorely missed!

The measure of a persons greatness is greatly influenced by those he surrounds himself with….I know that all of us are better off with knowing Michael!

Eva, thank you for sharing your warrior with the world!

God Bless you my Friend!

Todd Wloszczynski Former VP, ABATE of Alaska, Tanana Valley Chapter (currently residing in Jacksonville, FL)

Boz was just at the MRF Beast of the East conference hosted by ABATE of Delaware.  I talked to him Saturday night and like a whisper of light he is gone.  May God guide his two wheeled journey on to greater things.

He was a great man and person and will be missed.

Gary “Hildy” Hilderbrand State Legislative Coordinator ABATE of Delaware Director B.O.L.T. of Delaware

We have attached a couple of photo’s we have of Mike. One of Mike and his personal “Chariot” as the maintenance team liked to refer to it. And the others from a fishing trip the guys took last September. Mike had the ability to liven up our tedious, but necessary, Safety Meetings with his reflections from Bob Dylan. Mike has been a valuable part of the Snap-on family for 30 years and will be sadly missed. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Mike’s family and friends.
Mike’s Family and Friends at Snap-on Tools


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I had the honor of working at Snap-on with Mike Kerr. Mike was a wise, gentle and sincere man.  Mike had an approachable, authentic and humble spirit. Mike had a very calming affect on people. You knew you could trust Mike. Mike, thanks for crossing my path in life. You are missed.

Sandy Packard Snap-on International McHenry, IL


Mike will be sadly missed by all of us at Snap-on. His great smile each day, his sense of humor, as well as his active voice on the issues that surround our daily lives will be missed by all. Each day he made that day better and brighter for each one of us. He will remain a true friend to all.

Godspeed my friend, Godspeed,

Kevin McDonald Director, Snap-on Tools Crystal Lake Product Center


We are very sad to hear of Boz passing.I learned a lot from him in the short time I knew him. I doubt he even realized the education he was leaving with us.

Boz can ride with me any time.

Still Ray Pres JOURNEYMEN M/C MRF AZ Ass’t Rep ACMC Chair BoD ACMC PC Chair

To our brothers and sisters of the MRF and ABATE of Chicago: We are shocked and saddened to hear of the passing a such a good friend of motorcycling. Seems like only yesterday we were swapping e-mails with BOZ… On behalf of the members and board of officers of NHMRO our hearts and prayers go out to his wife, family and to all of us who knew him well. God bless and God speed, RIP…

Radio Bob

My heartfelt condolences go to all of “Boz’s” family and friends. “Boz” was certainly at the top of his game from my vantage point.

I didn’t have a close personal relationship with “Boz” but I am certainly a better person by crossing his path. I’ve listened to him speak at numerous MRF Conventions across the country, talked up everything Biker’s Rights related in a lounge or meeting room and used what he wrote in the MRF Report to be better at what I do.

He kept me on the edge of my chair more than once, most recently at the Beast of the East in my home state, when he spoke of how we can make changes. His enthusiasm and belief in the fact that one person can make a difference was always inspiring. I will carry his words and convictions with me, as we all will, for a long time.

It’s a sweet ride knowing that “Boz” is looking over our shoulders and still pointing us in the right direction!


Dave Breakiron Newark, Delaware

My husband, Claude Lacasse and I had the immense pleasure of meeting and talking with Boz during the past few MRF Beasts and Meetings of the Mind. We were totally speechless at the news of his passing. Boz was quick-witted, funny and charming. He was especially interested in comparing our Canadian parliamentary system to your republican system in the States. We had many lively exchanges and a few good laughs together. We will miss him.
Please accept our sincere condoleances on the loss of our brother in the wind, Boz.
Jennifer Ross Claude Lacasse Liaison for NFLD & Labrador Vice-chairman Motorcyclist Confederation of Canada

Heart felt condolences to Boz’s family and the brothers and sister of ABATE of Il.

Godspeed Boz

Greg Rodd Executive Director ABATE of Wisconsin

It was during Mike’s Chicago chapter presidency that I had first served the board and the membership, many after-meeting nights throwing a couple back until the VFW hall closed and discussing many aspects of motorcyclist’s rights ensued. Years later, picking him up at home (Eva always knew I wouldn’t get him in trouble) and throwing a few back at the Mirabell were also memorable. The FedPAC fundraising do’s and don’ts were our usual topics and even though we thought from different backgrounds, we had managed to reach a gameplan. The very first PACtoberfest meeting had him grinning from ear-to-ear when Vince (Piacenza) had questioned “How much to budget for raffle prizes?” And my reply of “Zero. I’ll take care of it” Boz just assured him that the quality and quantity of items wouldn’t disappoint! Few of the members in attendance are still around. My heartfelt condolences go out to Eva and the motorcyclist’s rights movement as a whole.

I was looking forward to chatting with him at the April ABATE meeting, unfortunately my track of dates made me miss the 15th as the day. Godspeed my friend.

Daniel S. Kay (Karkusiewicz) Past Treasurer and Public Relations Director, and most recently, past United States Congressional Candidate.

750-kerrI had the pleasure of listening as Boz delivered one of his speeches at Best of the West in 2008 in Portland/Vancouver. He was a great speaker and a champion for motorcyclists rights.

He will be missed.

I have attached a photo of him delivering that speech.


ABATE of Ore

WaCo Chapter

I have lost a dear friend and what can I say that hasn’t already been said by others. I hope he knew how thankful I was for all he’s taught me, his encouragement and support. I do want to thank his wife, Eva, for unselfishly sharing him with us. He gave up so much of his personal time with her. I don’t know too many women that would allow that time to be taken away because of a bunch of bikers. They both sacrificed a lot for us and I want her to know it was very much appreciated! These are two very special people that we are lucky to have had in our lives. Boz, you’ve got a bunch of good friends waiting to give you that cold Bud they’ve had on ice. You will be greatly missed but now you are truely ridin’ free!

On behalf of ABATE of Delaware officers and members, I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the Kerr family and the entire MRF board and members for the loss of “Boz” Kerr. Many of us spent the last weekend with him in Rehoboth Beach for the Beast of the East seminar. Some of us had the pleasure of knowing him from previous seminars and the ones that didn’t had the pleasure of meeting a great person sometime during the weekend. We all enjoyed his many speeches and the seminars he gave. He will be missed at all of the upcoming seminars and mostly he will be missed at the Bikers Inside the Beltway.

Helen Hall State Secretary ABATE of Delaware, Inc

Dave and I would like to send our personal condolences for the loss of Boz to his wife and his extended family with MRF. We spent some time with him over the weekend during the Beast of the East talking about different things. He was a great person and a pleasure to talk with. He will be missed by everyone that knew him.

Dave and Helen Hall ABATE of Delaware

I just returned from CT where I conducted class 1 for a Rider Ed course. While riding back I got to thinking that even though I was not close to Boz I sure will miss him.

Looking back thru the number of Freedom Fighters that the MRF has transferred to our Heaven Division you got to think that FUCK, they have to be riding free up there.

Have A Safe One

Louis P. Petrucci Jr. Cranston, RI 02920

I am in the same boat Lou.  I didn’t know Boz all that well but I sure admired and respected that guy for his political knowledge and wit.  It is hard to believe that one week ago today I was listening to another of his inspiring speeches and today his is going to him final resting place.  Amazing how life can turn in the twinkle of on eye.  I too am sure going to miss him.

Ride on free Boz.

rltroia@snet. net

I’m still in Chicago but will be headed for the airport shortly.   What a wonderful family we have.   With John Pierce’s help, I got to Chicago. With the amazing hospitality of Shar Sonnenberg, I had someone pick me up from the CRAZY O’Hare airport, drive me down Lakeshore Drive, take me to the funeral home, the bar afterwards, and put me up on her couch. And to Dave Dwyer, thank you so much for holding me together there in the beginning.   There are things you “know”, but seeing them for yourself really makes an impact. Chicago ABATE, and many other chapters of ABATE of Illinois, were finely represented, as were members of many clubs. There were so many moments that I’ll carry with me always. Cheryl Pearre amazed me with her clarinet, playing Danny Boy – – as they shared a love of Irish music. So many people got up to speak, and over and over, from all areas of Boz’s life, it was said in varous ways…. “He was my rock. He was the finest political operative. He was the kindest person. He was brilliant. He was so giving. He was important to his community.” Eva, his wonderful wife, was thanked over and over again for sharing him. Boz’s niece Michelle and nephew John were there, as were the rest of his family, and Eva’s family – – yet it was Michelle that stood out – – to me at least. What a beautiful, poised, well-spoken young lady. You could see on her face and hear in her voice that her “Uncle Mike’s” biker family touched her so very much. Later at the bar she came up to me, literally bouncing, with a grin she said “Someone just took me for a RIDE!” Made my heart smile.   Some of Boz’s friends seemed surprised that folks from far away were in attendance. They were so happy to see just how much he was loved far and wide.   Hardtail and Jeff did a fine job when they spoke. There was emotion, respect, and a true showing of the measure of that man, in their eyes. They did us all proud.   We had laughs too. And later on at the bar, we had more laughs. I saw a lot of healing between folks who had not talked to one another for too long. Even in death, Boz was still quietly making things move forward.   Someone said at the end, and I’ll pass it on here… sometimes we get too caught up in our jobs, the work at the computer to do the ABATE/bikers rights work, the meetings…. to take the time to just ride. Life is too short. Go – Ride. Call your friends and go ride with them.   I am forever grateful for our family.   Just one more thought we might mull over. Get your friends together sometime for a “It’s not a funeral” party. We shouldn’t have to only meet in such good groups, for such sad times.   Cindy

With the totally unexpected, albeit peaceful passing of Mike “Boz” Kerr, even those who only got the indirect benefit of his impact on the riding community are somehow diminshed. For those who were among the “inner circle” of his friends and family, the loss will undoubtedly be heartfelt and long-lasting.

Personally, I  had the pleasure of Mike’s company on all-too-few occasions over the last 15 years or so, usually at TFT or the Chili Party or some other noteworthy biker occasion that would compell me eastward from the relative comfort of the far NW burbs. Joining the diverse collection of kindred spirits typically found at an event of that type was always interesting, but to get the opportunity to compare notes with Boz always made the day more fun.

My fondest memory of him results from the amazing support that he and a couple of other good friends from Chicago ABATE (you know who you are…) demonstrated when my back was against the wall a few years ago. None of them didn’t HAD TO come to my rescue, and to this day I am still in their collective debt, but I’ve gotta tell ya,  selflessly helping out a bro seemed to come as naturally to Boz as breathing.

Forgive me for being repetitious, but Boz will be sorely missed, and our community NEEDS about 1000 more like him.

Good luck with that.

As a long-time veteran of that delightful business we call “show” (hence the nickname “Roadie Ric” – DUH), I tend to relate most of life’s important moments to music.

As I said a final goodbye to my friend last night, a Warren Zevon song kept running thru my head. I’d like to share the first couple verses with you all. The last verses of this deeply moving tune would really be more appropriate to his beloved Eva.

God bless BOTH of them!

Shadows are falling and I’m running out of breath Keep me in your heart for awhile If I leave you it doesn’t mean I love you any less Keep me in your heart for awhile
When you get up in the morning and you see that crazy sun Keep me in your heart for awhile There’s a train leaving nightly called “when all is said and done” Keep me in your heart for awhile
Sha-la-la-la- la-la-la- li-li-lo Keep me in your heart for awhile Sha-la-la-la- la-la-la- li-li-lo Keep me in your heart for awhile

What a shock to hear of Boz’s passing! I have fond memories of the MOTM with him, and interacting in emails with regards to bikers rights.

He will surely be missed.


Gypsy Betsy E Lister

Gypsy Motorcycle Poet Laureate New Hampshire 2005 Motorcycle Poet Laureate New Hampshire and Massachusetts 2006 Motorcycle Poet Laureate New Hampshire and Massachusetts 2007-2008 Biker Republic Member MMA Member MRF Member AMA Member Honorable Few Associate Member One life to lose Is one life too many If we don’t fight for our rights Pretty soon we won’t have any!

Our Deepest Sympathy, ABATE of Maryland, Members Make It Happen
Annie Sanford Administrative Assistant ABATE of Maryland, Inc

I met Boz last year at the state seminar.  It was my first year attending.  He seemed like a very nice, fun person & I know by his stories & the emails I get from ondgo that he was an avid motorcycle rights activist.

Thank you,

Tammy Nordyke Legislative Coordinator Shoal Creek Chapter of IL Abate