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the day that ABATE of Illinois was created in December 1986

Dave’ White’s speech that he did about the birth of ABATE of Chicago……


The Birth of ABATE of Chicago – by Dave “DogKiller” White

The beginning…

December 25, 1984, in the living room of Potts. He always has a open house on X-mas for any biker who wants to spend x-mas with other brothers of the road. ABATE of Chicago started in this atmosphere of Brotherhood.

I was standing in the middle of Potts’ living room complaining about a helmet law coming up before the house of representatives as soon as February of 1985.

The group of bikers that were there were from 7 different clubs, all of them sitting around listening to me complaining about the helmet law and that some one should start a ABATE chapter in Chicago.

Red (from the D.C. Eagles) agreed and said  “we are all clubers with the exception of you Dave, so I guess it’s up to you to start an ABATE chapter in Chicago” So after a restless night I got to work. First I made a flyer calling for a meeting at my place on January 7, 1985. I spent the next 12 days going to every biker bar in Chicago that I knew of and pinned up and handing out flyers. On the 7th at 7:30pm, 3 people showed up for the meeting, it was a disappointing night. But the 3 friends encouraged me to keep up the work and they would help me get the word out. They also helped to signup new members for ABATE of Chicago.

Our second meeting on February 15, 1985 filled my basement with 65 people. We agreed to have elections the following month.

Throughout the spring and summer months we recruited new members and sent letters to our legislators in Springfield. We wanted to stop the bill in 1985 not knowing that there were other ABATE chapters in the state doing the same thing we were. As a result of all our efforts, the bill was stopped!!

The start of ABATE of Illinois – One man’s point of view…

February 15, 1986, I went to Colorado to a NCOM seminar to get some idea’s on how to start ABATE of Illinois. At the seminar I met George Tinkam from Springfield. I had a good long talk with George and we agreed we need a state wide ABATE. One more important thing he did was give me Willie Lagerstrom’s phone number (though it did take him 2 months to get it to me). I spoke on the phone to Willie in April of 1986. We agreed to start more ABATE chapters in Illinois, North-Central – and Southern parts of the state. It wasn’t until August of 1986, I finally met Willie for the first time at the Central chapters Knoxville Bash and we have been brothers ever since.

By our first state wide ABATE meeting in Aurora, IL. There were 14 ABATE chapters going strong in Illinois. Then in December 1986, we met in Heyworth, IL and formed ABATE of Illinois and the rest is your history…..

The last few things I would like to say is about what ABATE did for me. It gave me direction, it was the first thing I have ever stuck with, except for riding a motorcycle. It gave me friends, 11,000 of them, who believe in Freedom. I would also loke to thank the one person in my life, Beverly Bambulas, whom without her help I could not have achieved the dream of ABATE of Illinois.

I hope we all continue to fight for Freedom For Motorcyclists of Illinois.

Thank You

Dave “DogKiller” White