2019 Board of Directors

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Secretary - Olga Jones

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Vice President – Dan Harper






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Oscar Flores





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Pat Jones, President


Pat Jones has been a member of Chicago ABATE since 1763 and had held various board positions during that time.  He has been Chapter President since 2006. In his free time he likes to dress as a woman and pick up sailors down by Navy Pier.

Dan “Scraps” Paoletti, Vice President


Dan “Scraps” Paoletti, The man, the myth, the legend. This retired crime fighter didn’t even know he was joining ABATE. He thought he was buying a raffle ticket. He once dated 4 people at the same time.

Olga Jones, Secretary

Secretary - Olga Jones
Secretary – Olga Jones

Olga Jones, The First Lady of Chicago ABATE. She has been a member of Chicago ABATE ever since Pat said “Here, sign this” Despite begging and pleading for someone to run against her Olga has held this position longer than time itself.

James “Jimbo” Palkovics, Treasurer


Jim AKA Jimbo has been a member of ABATE since 1947, The year he lost his virginity to a horse named Fred.  Jimbo loves riding in the rain and enjoys movies with no meaning.

Kevin Curth, Legislative Director


Kevin has a been a member of ABATE since 1988.  He currently rides a 1995 Electra Glide Classic with his wife Evie (also an ABATE Member).  Kevin has been involved in motorcycling for over 30 years and served on the Chicagoland TFT board while overseeing the Northside Parking for the parade.  He also maintained the TFT website as well as this website.

Andy “Angler” Lago, Activities Director


Andy Lago.  I could stop right there but what fun would that be.  Andy befriended a mouse (he calls him Billy) when he was 6 years old.  They joined ABATE in 1966.

Diane Shapiro, Safety & Education Director


Diane joined ABATE shortly after the Cuban Missile crises and is also involved with politics outside of ABATE.  She once saved 6 penguins from being forced to eat non kosher food.

Sandi Colclasure, Membership

Sandi is a wolf, that’s all I’m going to say

John Kuppin, State Board Rep


John joined ABATE on a dare back in 1875 and has never regretted it. He once slept thru an AC/DC concert.  He also has allowed small birds to live in his beard during the winter.

Oscar, Products

Oscar Flores

Oscar just got elected to the board so I don’t want to scare him off.

Debbe Kuppin, State Newsletter


I’m tired and I don’t want to do this anymore.

Dan Harper, Public Relations

Vice President - Dan Harper


Dan has been a member of ABATE since he was knee high to a mini-bike.  He has not only served as an officer of the Chicago Chapter, but also served on the state board as State Legislator Director.   He strongly believes hat 138% of people exaggerate. And never goes to bed without drinking a glass of used motor oil.

Enrique “Rick” Silva, State Board Rep


Rick has been a member since the mid something,. When he’s not raising turtles or working with ABATE, he dedicates his time The Latin American Motorcycles Association (LAMA).

Thomas “Closer” Covello, Chapter Newsletter






















Thomas is no stranger to fashion.  His style is known worldwide and has been recognized by the National Association of Woodland Creatures as the human we would dress as if we wore clothes


Kimberly Palkovics, Former Board Member


See above

Norine Carro, Former Public Relations


Norine joined ABATE in the summer of 1946 after serving 97 years in the army as a nurse.  She once convinced someone they were not being attacked by spiders when actually they were.  Don’t tell PJ

Bill Lancaster, Former Chapter Newsletter

Bill just joined ABATE last week, just kidding, he joined sometime in the 1850’s.