Motorcycle Parking Pouch

Parking pouches are available at our Monthly membership meetings held on the 3rd Wednesday of every month.  You don’t have to be a member to attend or receive the pouch.  Although, if you have a motorcycle or scooter it would be in your best interest to stick around and see what we are all about.

Parking Pouches are also available at Harlem and Addison Auto, 7200 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60634

Motorcycle Parking in Chicago

We have worked with the City of Chicago and LAZ Parking on existing and new parking issues including the New Parking Meter Systems.  Here are some helpful links.

(CPM) Chicago Meters – Motorcycles, Scooters and Pay Boxes

An article on LAZ’s website explaining the Chicago Parking Meters

Parking Your Motorcycle Chicago

City of Chicago – Parking Your Motorcycle or Scooter in ChicagoThis is the City of Chicago’s Department of Revenue page

Motorcycle Brochure from the City of Chicago

Pay Boxes System Printable Motorcycle Scooter Parking Brochure (PDF)A Printable Tri-fold Brochure with some very useful information from Residential Parking Zones, City Stickers and Parking at a Meter or at a Pay and Display Machine

Special Parking Rates for Motorcycles and Scooters

Special Parking Rates For Motorcycles or Scooters.  This is the City of Chicago’s Department of Revenue page

Jimbo’s Law

OK, so it’s not an actual law, but that’s what we dubbed it.

Our Treasurer Jimbo received a parking ticket for parking in a residential permit parking zone without a permit.  After finding out he would have to go to court and contest the ticket, he called our President and told him his tale.  Pat told Jimbo not to worry because he had a meeting coming up with one of the Mayor’s aides.  The next day, Jim got a call from Dan Harper (our VP), asking him for the information that was on the ticket.   About an hour later, he informed Jimbo that the ticket was handled. He said that he would be getting a letter in the mail. Because of his situation they made the “Jimbo Law.” So, from now on, when a ticket is issued to a motorcycle for permit parking, the City’s computer will kick it out of the system. Than a letter will be mail to the bikes owner, telling them that they don’t need to take any action, and that the ticket has already been taken out of the system.