ABATE of Illinois OPPOSES SB2841
SB2841 will be heard in the Senate Transportation Committee on Tues, April 5th, 5pm, room 212 in the Capitol. Below is the link to the bill
Synopsis As Introduced
Amends the Recreational Trails of Illinois Act. Provides that any person under the age of 18 who is operating an off-highway vehicle on public land, shall be trained and certified through a State-approved off-highway vehicle safety course. Provides that the minimum age to operate an off-highway vehicle on public land shall be 14 years old, and that any person under the age of 16 is prohibited from operating an off-highway vehicle on public land without direct adult supervision. Provides that unless the off-highway vehicle was designed by the manufacturer to carry a passenger, it shall be unlawful for a passenger to be on an off-highway vehicle on public land. Provides that any person operating an off-highway vehicle on public lands is required to wear a safety helmet and eye protection and the off-highway vehicle operated on public land shall have a headlight and tail light illuminated at night, brakes, a muffler, and a spark arrestor.
ABATE of Illinois Opposes SB2841
Talking Points: 
(01) This bill would kill everything that the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) and ABATE of Illinois has done on getting state owned riding park down in Harrisburg and other sites in our state. The only hang up on the Harrisburg Park is the “No” approved budget!! The park has been approved.

(02) As we all know this bill will kill family outings as there are family’s with 4 or more children, all with their own ATV’s that won’t be able to ride together!

(03) This bill is nothing more than a BURDEN to our families.

(04) This will force our residents to go to other states so they can ride and have family fun. (Spending their money in other states)

(05) There are only a few sites in Illinois that offer certified off-road riding lessons and they are pretty pricey depending on where and if you get in to take them How does a young family afford something like this.        These sites move around and are not like the Cycle Rider Safety Training Program (CRSTP) we have where the classes have permanent sites and dates of operation.

(06) This bill would forbid the (2) “Springfield Mile” races from having younger racers who come from all over the country to compete in national and sanctioned races by the AMA.

(07) This bill would forbid many younger farm children from doing their “chores” and putting a burden on the family farm.

(08) This is a 1st step helmet bill for all of us taking away personal and parental responsibilities and freedoms where ATV’s and OHV’s may travel in out laying areas on city and county roads legally.
Transportation Committee Members Link:   Click on those members and get their PH #’s and call them to OPPOSE this bill.

The link below is for the WITNESS SLIP to fill out
If you have ever filled one out on the computer you are using all you need to do is “right click” twice and it will automatically fill that particular space in for you.
If you haven’t used that particular computer just follow the directions – it is easy as pie – IF I can do it, anyone can do it.
REMEMBER – WE OPPOSE this bill so mark OPPONENT on the slip.
Lets KILL this bill NOW.

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